Everything you need to know about UV Light 


Ultraviolet Light, UV light, is broken down into three subcategories based off their wavelength:

  • UV-B and UV-C are the most harmful forms of UV light. It is these forms of UV light that brings up concerns for skin diseases and long term conditions.

Thankfully, the ozone layer in our atmosphere absorbs these harmful rays and prevents them from damaging our skin and eyes. 

  • The third form of UV light is known as UV-A and according to the world health organization as stated in their articled titled Radiation: Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, “The relatively long-wavelength UVA accounts for approximately 95% of the UV radiation reaching the Earth's surface.” Therefore, the light emitted from our UV-A lamp is less then the natural UV already emitted in natural sunlight. 


UV Lashes

Lamps we use at Flamingo Beauty Spa for eyelash extensions have wavelength range from 365nm-400nm, classifying it as a UV-A light.

Just as described above, it is no more harmful then 95% of  rays we are already exposed from the sun! According to Abby Llorico in her article titled “VERIFY | Do LED manicure lamps still emit UV?” she states that even the FDA claims that UV lamps are considered “low risk when used as directed by people without any other medical sensitivities to UV exposure.” 

If you are still worried about the effects of the UV light on your eye, it is important to note that according to an article published Healio news “UV vs. blue light: Which is more dangerous?” they stated that the UV rays “ below 400nm are blocked by the crystalline lens.” Our eyes have their own defences against these UV rays that prevent any damage from being inflicted on them.

If you simply do not want to take the chances, sunscreen has also been proven effective against UV light!

We will always protect the skin with black silicon eye patches regardless, but you can also apply more of it before your appointment. 



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