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Lash Extensions - Book Online - Flamingo Beauty Spa
Lash Extensions - Book Online - Flamingo Beauty Spa
Lash Extensions - Book Online - Flamingo Beauty Spa

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Choose service: $125 - Wet Lashes membership-any UV refill

$125 - Wet Lashes membership-any UV refill
$125 - Wet Lashes membership-any UV refill
$170 -UV Classic Set
$140 - UV Classic - Refill
$190 - UV Classic Plus Set (Natural Volume)
$155 - UV Classic Plus - Refill
$210 - UV Hybrid Set
$165 - UV Hybrid - Refill
$230 - UV Volume Set
$170 - UV Volume - Refill
$250 - UV Mega Volume
$190 UV Mega Volume - Refill
$50 - Mini Fix - 30 min service
$20 - Removal


At our spa, we offer a unique service utilizing the latest technology in the industry: UV lashes. While the lash extensions are the same, we use a special UV glue and LED lamp for curing.

What are the benefits?

  1. Water resistant! You can shower, go to sauna, ocean, do facial, exercising right after the appointment! Many clients are happy to have them on vacation swimming, change of climate, and have amazing lash retention!

  2. Oil resistant. If a person has oily skin, it decreases retention dramatically with a regular glue. With the new UV technology, you can only break it by rubbing and cracking between fingers.
  3. Better retention: Traditional glue retention is heavily influenced by humidity, temperature (retention is awful if you travel due to changes in humidity). 

  4. Time saver. How many other beauty and personal appointments do you need to handle in your life? Switch to one per month, so less to coordinate, traveling and waiting time, procedure time. It’s a tremendous time and effort saver!

  5. Low allergy. Regular glues use latex to cure, the glue. Latex is a highly allergic ingredient. Due to the fact that UV glue is sealed by the light, not cured by air, there is no latex ingredient, and 80% of people having previous allergies can wear UV lashes!

We had a half-year testing period of different materials: glues, lamps, removers, and patches. It took time to find the best suppliers and figure out the process that there is no training on.

We bring this technology to South Florida! There are a handful of places in the world  that do UV lashes!

If you are a busy person (we are wondering who are not in this hectic world), try this new way of doing lashes!

UV lashes

If you're interested in learning more about UV light and its safety, feel free checking out our article Everything you need to know about UV Light.

Now, you might be thinking, "I don't want to look ridiculously fake, like some of the ladies I've seen."

No worries, our specialty is an extra-natural look.

We specialize in individual lash extensions, where one or several extensions are applied to each lash separately.

How do we achieve this look?

  1. We offer a variety of lashes for a natural look. 
  2. We source custom-length, diameter, and curl lashes that most lash artists can't find on the market or afford to buy in bulk from manufacturers.
  3. We provide training for our specialists to teach them the best techniques for achieving natural-looking lashes, along with our internal standards to maintain our position in the market.

Is lash extension good for your natural lashes? It depends on how they're applied.

How do we ensure our lash extensions won't damage our customers' natural lashes?

  1. Our lash artists prioritize the health of your lashes and each lash specialist evaluates the strength of your lashes and chooses the appropriate diameter and length to avoid overburdening them.
  2. We closely monitor the work of our lash technicians to ensure minimal use of glue, preventing glue bulges on your natural lashes.
  3. We ensure to place extensions on each lash separately (which means good isolation of the lashes during the process). Sloppy work, where a lash tech places a cluster of extensions on multiple lashes, can damage your lashes, as they grow at different rates, and some may be pulled out at the root. With UV lashes there is no such problem. We take them off every time you come for the service. 
  4. We take the time necessary to do your lashes properly. A proper lash set typically takes 2-2.5 hours, depending on the lash tech's skills. Majority of big brands lash studios only lashing 60-70% of the lashes, that's why you need refill in 2 weeks. On top of that not the best glue.  Rushing through the service is not something you want from your lash tech. Considering each eye has up to 200-250 lashes, a specialist must take their time to provide a quality service. Considering you have to come only once a month, that's a huge time saver on traveling and session time and much less coordination with all other appointments.

If you want lashes with great retention not to worry about it ever again - switch to UV Lashes!

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