Eyebrows - Book Online - Flamingo Beauty Spa
Eyebrows - Book Online - Flamingo Beauty Spa
Eyebrows - Book Online - Flamingo Beauty Spa
Eyebrows - Book Online - Flamingo Beauty Spa

Eyebrows - Book Online

Choose Service: $70 - Brow Lamination

$70 - Brow Lamination
$70 - Brow Lamination
$50 - Brow Design and Tint
$100 - Perfect Package - Design+Tint+Lamination
$60 - Brow Design and Tint/ Spray
$30 - Brow Design/ Wax
$30 - Brow Design/ Threading
$100 - Brow Bleach & Tint
$25 - Brow Full Recovery

Brows frame your face. While many clients come in for lash treatments, we often recommend addressing their brows first. Why? Because the difference it makes to your face is dramatic. Just scroll through some pictures, and you'll see how the same woman looks with and without groomed brows.


The width and shape of brows depend significantly on cultural and subjective notions of beauty. In the West, bold, arched brows are popular, giving a stronger, more defined look. Contrastingly, in Korea, soft and straight eyebrows are preferred, imparting a childlike innocence to the face.

Many clients come to us with complaints of butchered brows after visiting nail salons. Why? Firstly, because based on the price, these salons often rush through the service, skipping crucial steps like measuring the brows or consulting on preferred shapes. If you opt for a cheap service, it often has to be done quickly. Another factor is the cultural understanding of brows. Most nail places in our area employ workers from Asian countries, who are influenced by Korean beauty standards. Naturally, they try to give you beautiful brows according to their understanding, and they do it fast. So, it's not uncommon for the result to not meet your expectations.

Our specialists meticulously map out brows to bring them into balance. However, our facial muscles and individual expressions contribute to our unique look, making it sometimes impossible to achieve perfectly even brows. Nevertheless, we aim to create maximum balance with minimal alteration to your natural brows.

We offer brow shaping using wax, threading, tweezers, and razors, depending on your preference. Waxing can be done with hard or soft wax. Soft wax, while effective, requires a highly skilled professional to avoid skin irritation or damage, especially around the delicate eye area. We usually use a combination of hard wax and tweezers to ensure precision and minimize discomfort.


According to Western beauty standards, brows should be one shade darker than your hair color. At Flamingo Beauty Spa, we use professional-grade BrowCode products, offering 16 shades with 135 possible combinations.

Tinting lasts 2-3 weeks on brow hair and 1-3 days on the skin. If you lack sufficient brow hair, we recommend permanent makeup options.


Brow lamination straightens brow hair, benefiting those with curly or unruly brows. Aging, bushy, or downward-growing brows are ideal candidates for this procedure.

As we age, brows tend to stick out and lose their flat appearance, which can accentuate signs of aging. Brow lamination, coupled with tinting, can visually enhance thickness and length, giving you more control over your brow shape.

After the procedure, avoid wetting your brows for 24 hours to ensure optimal results. While we use high-quality professional products, it's a standard recommendation to avoid water contact to allow the chemical process to set. Brow lamination is a chemical process, so your brows will require extra care afterward. We recommend applying oil to your brows periodically for three days following the procedure to aid in recovery. Additionally, consider our brow recovery service, a blend of proteins and amino acids to restore your brows' health post-chemical treatment.


If your brows are darker than your hair or if you want to change their shade, brow bleaching might be for you. At our spa, we provide brow bleaching only in combination with tinting. The process includes bleaching the brow hair, followed by a ten-minute recovery treatment with proteins and amino acids, shaping and tinting the brows, and a final clean-up.


Ideal for post-lamination, bleaching, or tinting, our brow recovery procedure utilizes products rich in proteins and amino acids to restore shine and softness to your brows.

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