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Choose Service: $750 - Nano Brows (hairstrokes)

$750 - Nano Brows (hairstrokes)
$750 - Nano Brows (hairstrokes)
$250 - Nano Brows Touch-up 1 year
$550 - Powder brows
$250 - Powder Brows Touch-up 1 Year
$600 - Eyelash liner
$600 - Lip Blush

We aim to enhance your life with the convenience and beauty of permanent makeup services.

While commonly referred to as permanent makeup, advancements in techniques and pigments have made it more accurately described as semi-permanent. Initially, this service involved tattooing brows or lips with pigments that lasted indefinitely, often resulting in color changes over time, leading to undesirable shades like grey, blue, or green.

Today, we employ semi-permanent techniques using specialized pigments applied at a shallower depth, ensuring natural-looking results that can be easily adjusted if needed. At Flamingo Beauty Spa, we utilize premium mineral pigments, carefully applied to maintain color integrity and achieve an extra natural appearance. Organic pigments provide vividness, while mineral pigments offer subtlety and a natural aesthetic.


Microblading, once popular for its hair-like appearance, involves multiple skin incisions, causing more trauma and resulting in shorter-lasting effects. Due to numerous clients experiencing disappearing results within a month, we no longer offer this service.

Instead, we provide two techniques for brows:

  • Shading Technique: Offers a makeup look, also known as powder brows.
  • Nano Technique: Mimics natural hair strands on the skin. We also call it hairstroke technique.

Immediately after the procedure, the pigment may appear dark, but over 7 to 14 days, the skin begins to heal, and the pigment fades, gradually returning to its intended shade.


Permanent lip makeup aims to add color, correct shape, or conceal scars. Using premium pigments and the aquarelle technique, we deliver extra-natural tinting to the lips. Our mineral pigments exclude titanium dioxide, ensuring long-lasting color without causing the lips to pale over time.

Lip tinting can also be achieved through the watercolor technique, providing naturally tinted lips, also known as lip blush. For those desiring a lipstick effect, full coverage is also available.


Post-procedure, the pigment initially appears darker, with redness and sensitivity common due to the skin's healing process. It typically takes 7 to 14 days for the skin to heal fully, with the pigment gradually returning to its intended shade.

A follow-up appointment between 30 to 45 days after the initial procedure is crucial for long-lasting results, smoothing out imperfections and ensuring full-color retention. Failure to attend a touch-up appointment may result in significant pigment fading after three months.

Your follow-up appointment also allows for adjustments to shape and color based on your preferences and experiences with your new eyebrows. Yearly maintenance appointments are recommended to keep your permanent makeup looking timeless, allowing for adjustments to reflect your evolving style and confidence.

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